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Participation of IAUS in the 31th International Urban Planner Exhibition, organized by Serbian Town Planners Association, 2022


The Urban Planners’ Exhibition is a traditional annual manifestation held by the Serbian town planner association, which is the review of the most significant, current accomplishments in the area of spatial and urban planning, urban design and their realizations.

31th International Urban Planner Exhibition will be held from November 8 – 13, 2022 in Čačak, in the Cultural Center exhibition space, with the ceremonial opening of the Salon exhibition. The organizer of the 31st International Salon of Urban Planning is the Serbian Town Planners Association, this year in cooperation with Public Enterprise Gradac from Čačak. The general sponsors of the 31st International Urbanism Salon are the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and the City of Čačak, and other sponsors of the 31st International Urbanism Salon are the cities of: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Užice, Kosovska Mitrovica and Banja Luka..

Exhibition council: Slavica Ferenc, Serbian town planner association, president; Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Djukic, Serbian town planner association; Mr. Djordjе Milic, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure; Mr Mr Dusan Minic, Serbian town planners association; Milan Bojovic, PE Gradac, Director; Dr. Branislav Antonic, Serbian town planner association; Milun Todorovic, City of Cacak, Major; Miroslav Petkovic, City of Cacak, Assistant Major for social affairs; Dr. Igor Maric, Serbian Chamber of Engineers Section of architects; Aleksandra Milosevic, Society town planners of Nis; Evica Rajic, Serbian town planners association. Selection committee: Ljiljana Subara, Cacak, president; Nada Krasic, Lucani; Veljko Bojovic, Beograd. Jury of the exhibition: Zorica Subotic Colovic, Cacak, president; Prof.dr Vladan Djokić, Beograd, vice-president; Biljana Vrbaski, Novi Sad; Ivan Radulovic, Kragujevac; Danka Grbаc Nikolac, Dubrovnik,Croatia; Tatjana Simonovic, Cacak. Technical secretary: Svetlana Jakovljevic, Serbian town planner association.

The Urban Planners’ Exhibition is organized as regular, with works within the following categories: 1. Regional Spatial Plans and Spatial Plans of Special-Purpose Areas; 2. Spatial Plans of Cities and Municipalities; 3. General Urban Plans and Plans of General Arrangements; 4. Plans of Detailed Arrangements; 5. Urban projects and realizations; 6. Competitions; 7. Researches studies and projects from the fields of urban and spatial planning; 8. Researches studies and projects from the fields of natural protection, landscape protection, environmental protection and landscape architecture; 9. Digital techniques, design and production in urbanism and architecture; Media presentation of urbanism and architecture; 10. Publications; 11. Unfulfilled urban ideas; 12. Students’ works.

The Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia traditionally participates in this event. Five awards were won this year, of which:

I prize in category Regional Spatial Plans and Spatial Plans of Special-Purpose Areas: Spatial Plan of Special Purpose Area „Đerdap“ National Park, authors: Dr Nikola Krunić DipSpatPlan, Dr Božidar Manić DipEngArch, Olgica Bakić DipSpatPlan, Dr Marina Nenković-Riznić DipSpatPlan, Dr Saša Milijić DipSpatPlan, Borjan Brankov MAarch, Dubravka Pavlović, Nikola Lečić, in cooperation with PE Zavod za urbanizam Niš and Yugoslav Institute for Town Planning and Housing – JUGINUS. Year of adoption: 2022.

I prize in category Urban projects and realizations: Urban project for construction, reconstruction, extension and adaptation of facilities in the complex of the General Hospital of the Užice Health Center, Urban Design Project authors: Dr Božidar Manić DipEngArch, Dr Ana Niković DipEngArch, Borjan Brankov MAarch, Dr Tijana Crnčević DipEngLandArch, Svetozar Teofilović DipCivEng, Dr Danilo Furundžić DipEngArch. Concept Design authors: “SET“ doo Šabac and BG Arh d.o.o. responsible designer Nemanja Šipetić DipEngArch. Year of adoption: 2022.

III prize in category Plans of Detailed Arrangements: Detailed Regulation Plan for “Mileševka riverbed with a part of the protected environment of Mileševa monastery, authors: Dr Božidar Manić DipEngArch, Dr Tijana Crnčević DipEngLandArch, Borjan Brankov MArch, Katarina Majhenšek DipEngArch, Milorad Obradović MArch. Year of adoption: 2021.

III prize in category Competitions: Competition for urban and architectural design for “Trg Oslobođenja” in Zaječar, Dr Božidar Manić DipEngArch, Sanja Gogić MАrch, Dr Sanja Simonović Alfirević DipEngArch, Dr Tijana Crnčević, DipEngLandArch. Year of production: 2021.

Recognition in category Urban projects and realizations: Urban Project for the Shooting Range “Careva ćuprija” in the Protected Spatial Cultural-Historical Unit “Topčider”, in Belgrade, Urban project authors: Dr Božidar Manić DipEngArch, Maja Hristov DipEngArch, Dr Tijana Crnčević DipEngLandArch, Concept Design authors: PROAMBO doo, Dejan Matejić DipEngArch, Jelena Todorović DipEngArch, Jovana Matejić DipEngArch, Ivona Ikač DipEngArch, Aleksandar Rangelov EngArch. Year of adoption: 2022.

For more information about the Exhibition, please follow the link of the Serbian Town Planners Association website:

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