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The Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia (IAUS) was founded in 1954 within the Faculty of Architecture. It was established as an independent scientific research organization by the Decision of the Republic Executive Council No.N/303 of May 13, 1961. The institute’s scientific research and professional work take place within:

  • The centre for Architecture and Housing;
  • The centre for Spatial Development and the Environment;
  • The centre for Information Technology, Publishing activities and Education.

The institute is currently the only scientific and research organization in the republic accredited as a research and development institute in the field of technical and technological sciences – urbanism, architecture, spatial planning, construction and traffic. Today, the institute is state-owned, with about 35 full-time employees of various professional orientations (of whom about 30 have a scientific, research or professional title), and it gathers a large number of permanent external associates and experts in specific fields. The institute participates in domestic and international scientific conferences with notable contributions, and also organizes scientific conferences. Many of its experts are involved or have been involved in international/European projects and in consulting missions in third world countries. The results of scientific and professional work at the institute have been published in its periodicals and monographs from its founding until today.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia. Over the past 70 years, the institute has implemented a large number of scientific research projects, architectural and urban projects, and spatial and urban plans, as well as studies, expertise and consulting. The institute has made a significant contribution to the improvement of theory and practice in the fields of architecture, urbanism and spatial planning. Many current professors, academics, prominent researchers, designers, urban planners, managers, etc., have started their professional careers at the institute, or have worked there as already established experts. Dynamic fluctuations of the institute’s research and professional staff have led to the necessity for managing an active personnel policy, with consistent commitment from the staff, so in the past 70 years, it has employed nearly 300 permanent and as many external associates. One of the long-term strategic goals of the institute has been to increase its scientific potential as a basic precondition for maintaining its scientific status, and as the basis for successfully completing complex research and professional projects. The Institute of Architecture and Urban and Spatial Planning of Serbia is registered for scientific, research and professional work in the field of architecture, urban and spatial planning, which includes the following sub-fields:

  • scientific research in the field of architecture, housing, construction, urbanism, spatial planning, regional development and environmental protection, within regional and international projects;
  • spatial and urban planning through the development of national and regional spatial plans, plans for special purpose areas, infrastructure corridor plans, general and regulatory urban plans, rural development plans, the development of a study basis for environmental planning and protection and the formation of spatial databases in GIS technology;
  • architectural and urban design city centres, residential settlements and facilities, complexes and facilities for culture, health, education, business and sports, production facilities, landscaping, etc;
  • consulting, engineering, export of intellectual services, journalism and IT support.
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