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THE CITIES AND CLIMATE CHANGE PROGRAM is implemented by the Ministry of Enviromental Protection with the financial support from the Frenc Development Agency

The Cities and Climate Change Program began with the adoption of the Law on Climate Change and aims to strengthen initiatives to adapt and mitigate to climate change at the national and local levels in Serbia.
As part of this program, technical assistance is provided to support two pilot local governments in identifying priority needs and projects in the field of climate change (adaptation or mitigation) which will improve cities` resilience and decrease green house gas emissions on the local level..
The preparation of local climate action plans will contribute to improving the quality of the environment and the rational use of natural resources, taking into account the urban and socio-economic profiles of cities / municipalities. . The Institute of Architecture and Urban&Spatial planning of Serbia actively participates in this program through the research process of developing an adequate methodology for

GREEN, LIVABLE, AND RESILIENT CITIES, SERBIA: Strengthening Sustainable and Resilient Urban Development – Component 1 Selection #1275674 Strengthening capacities of local self-Goverments in Serbia towards low-carbon and resilient urban development investments expert

The World Bank in partnership with SECO SURGE Trust Fund is supporting the Government of Serbia and more specifically the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure (MCTI) to implement the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (SUDS), approved in June 2019 and the associated Action Plan (2021-2022).

The overall objective of this program is to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Serbia and selected Serbian municipalities to plan for more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban development and local economic recovery.

To fulfill the objective of the program and to further the implementation and operationalization of the SUDS, the World Bank, through this Serbia specific SECO SURGE trust fund, will be conducting a number of analytical and technical assistance

Development of new methodological frameworks and information systems for the establishment of sustainable and resilient cities in Serbia

Coordinator Dr. Marina Nenković-Riznić, senior research associate

Within the mentioned thematic area, there is a plan to engage researchers in the preparation of a scientific project for a new call of the Science Fund. The purpose of the scientific project will be to support the efforts to overcome existing and potential natural and anthropogenic effects caused by climate change in Serbia.
The research will be verified by examining the possible application of the index of spatial climate endangerment and decision support tools with mitigation measures in several pilot studies of urban centers in Serbia.
The research within this thematic area will be based on the analysis of existing planning documentation

Perspectives of the sustainable spatial development of Serbia

Coordinator Dr. Nikola Krunić, senior research associate
In order to set and implement the crucial priorities of sustainable development defined at the EU level, every EU candidate country should research and define its national development goals and spatial development strategies.
The Republic of Serbia, as a future member of the EU and having in mind the perspectives and strategies of Europe’s development, should define its plans and implementation instruments specifically related to sustainable spatial development after 2021.

It is necessary to innovate current guidelines for spatial development, defined through the Spatial Plan of the Republic 2010-2020, and continue them with new research based on current trends in energy development, economy, infrastructure, harmonization of regional disparities, demography, urban and rural development, resource use, social development, environmental protection, and biodiversity, climate change adaptation, etc.

Scientific Research Program

The Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of Serbia is one of the most important scientific research institutions in the Republic of Serbia in the field of architecture, urbanism, and spatial planning. The Institute operates in accordance with the accreditation for performing scientific research activities of general interest in the field of technical and technological sciences (Decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Committee for Accreditation of Scientific Research Organizations No. 660-01-00003 / 4 of 03.09.2019).
Through scientific research, the Institute endeavors to promote architecture, urbanism, and spatial planning, contributes to sustainable urban and spatial development of Serbia, provides conditions for increasing the quality of projects and planning documents and the continuity of their creation. The development strategy of the Institute emphasizes the importance of connecting science and practice, as well as the importance of the creation of methodological foundations of the architecture, and spatial and urban development management.

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