Borjan Brankov

Research assistant
Т: +381 11 3207 339
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    Academic and scientific titles

    Master of Architecture (Architecture Faculty University of Belgrade, 2015);

    Bachelor of Architecture (Architecture Faculty University of Belgrade, 2013).

    Professional titles and licenses

    Professional experience

    from 2019 Research assistant in the Institute of Architecture and Urban&Spatial Planning of Serbia

    2016-2019. scholar of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia

    2015 – bureau Monting Atos Plus Ltd., Belgrade

    2014 – architectural internship at Arcad Architectural Ltd., Istanbul, Turkey

    Scientific and professional competence / specialty

    urban planning and design, application of urban and architectural parameters of temporariness in space usage in the analysis of multi-family housing and common areas, application of modern information technologies in planning and design, renewable energy sources and possibilities of their application in urban and other area, application of the Hospital Safety Index methodology in Serbia, energy efficiency, etc.

    Participation in scientific research projects

    2021. GREEN, LIVABLE, AND RESILIENT CITIES, SERBIA: Strengthening Sustainable and Resilient Urban Development- Component 1 Selection # 1275674 Strengthening capacities of Local Self-Governments in Serbia towards low-carbon and resilient urban development investments expert, financed by the World Bank;

    2018-2021. „CONNECT GREEN – Restoring and managing ecological corridors in mountains as the green infrastructure in the Danube basin”, international INTERREG DTP project (DTP 072-2.3);

    2018-2019. „Co-designing smart Local solutions for Exploiting Values and Enhancing Resilience” (CLEVER) international SMF INTERREG DTP project (DTP-SMF1-187);

    2016-2019. „ATTRACTIVE DANUBE – Improving capacities for Enhancing Territorial Attractiveness of the Danube Region”, international INTERREG DTP project (DTP1-270-4.1);

    Prizes and awards

    2019 – Grand Prix of the 28th International Urban Planning Exhibition, Niš – Sustainable urban development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia till 2030 (group of authors)

    2018 – Venice Biennale of Architecture (Mostra di Architettura di Venezia) – project for Pavilion of Republic of Serbia – finalists of the competition (with M. Stojković)

    2017 – award at the UNDP Disaster Risk Reduction Challenge Prize Competition, Belgrade, Project title: Don’t wait for it to happen – understand (with I. Čeković, M. Nešović, N. Tošić)

    2016- Share Shakespeare competition, British Council and British Embassy in Belgrade – project proposal shortlisted by the jury (title of the project: “In or Out of the Stage”)

    2015 – Sakura Scholarship of the Japanese Embassy in Belgrade for research work on architecture in Japan (title: ” Home for all: New Japanese architecture after natural disasters and its possible effects on architectural practice in Serbia”)

    List of selected publications

    Nenković Riznić M., Brankov B., Pucar M., Petrović S. (2018) Safe healthcare facilities – their place and role in resilient cities, International journal Thermal Science, volume 2, Supplement 4, Vinca Institute of nuclear sciences, p.p. S1001-S1010 online first, ISSN 2334-7163 (online edition) ISSN 0354-9836 (printed edition),

    Brankov, B. (2019). Common areas in development of multi-family housing [In Serbian], Arhitektura i urbanizam, Vol. 49, pp. 32-39, DOI: 10.5937/a-u0-22134

    Brankov, B. (2019) Common areas in multi-family housing in Serbia: case study of Cerak Vinogradi, Belgrade, FACING POST-SOCIALIST URBAN HERITAGE ‒ Proceedings of the 3rd international doctoral-postdoctoral conference, Faculty of Architecture, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

    Differentiating the usability of open common areas in multi-family housing. Proceedings of the Summer School of Urbanism, Prolom Banja 1-3. July 2020, Association of Urbanists of Serbia, Belgrade, pp. 143-152. 

    Brankov, B., Nenković-Riznić, M., & Pucar, M. (2020). Residential space as changeable and resilient polygon for future living. In Proceedings of Third International conference on urban planning–ICUP 2020 (pp. 73-79). Niš: Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Niš.

    Brankov, B. (2021), Pančevo City Hall, In L. Skansi (Ed.), On the border of art and engineering: studies of post-war architecture in Belgrade and Serbia [In Serbian] (pp. 208-223). Begrade: University of Belgrade – Architecture Faculty

    Trkulja, S., Colic, R., Maksin, M., (2018). Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia until 2030, Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infratrsucture, Belgarde supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH,оn behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Strengthening Municipal Land Management in Serbia, Belgrade. Novi Sad: Artprint Media, ISBN 978-86-9000093-2-9 CIP 711.4(497.11) COBISS.SR-ID 270942988

    List of selected professional results

    Detailed regulation plan for the “Mileševka riverbed with a part of the protected environment of Mileševa monastery” (Official Gazette of Prijepolje No. 15/2021) – team member

    Urban project for the reconstruction of the embankment of the rivers Kolubara and Tamnava and the bridge on the road Belgrade – Obrenovac, in the municipalities of Obrenovac and Ub– team member

    the Spatial plan of the Special Purpose Area of the Nature Park Zlatibor (2020) – detailed developed area for an “Educational and sports-recreational complex” (Official Gazette of RS No. 2/2020) – associate on the detailed developed area

    Membership in scientific and professional associations, juries and bodies

    Association of Belgrade architects;

    Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia

    Membership in the boards of scientific and professional conferences

    Organizing Committee of the X Scientific and Professional Conference with International Participation “Cultural Heritage: Risks and Perspectives”, held on May 27, 2019 in Belgrade.

    Organizing Committee of the XI Scientific and Professional Conference with International Participation “Architectural Heritage and Urban Planning”, held on October 8, 2021 in Belgrade.

    Organizing Committee of the 9th International Conference on Renewable Energy Power Sources (MKOIEE), held on October 15, 2021 in Belgrade.

    Membership in the boards of scientific and professional journals

    Other (teaching engagement, professional practice and other forms of education, Doctoral supervisions, etc.)

    2020 – shortlisted essay „How easy we lost community with the loss of common area“ for the competition for the Timisoara architecture biennale Beta, Timisoara, Romania  (BETA competition 2020)

    2017 – “Architoons” Architecture Workshop for High School Students, Bijeljina, BiH – one of the organizers

    2016/2017 – engaged in exercises at the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade as a demonstrator – fall semester, subject “Studio 03a – project development” at OASA and IASA studies

    2015- exhibition “Bogdan Bogdanović – Introduction to the whole”, organized by CZKD in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade – member of the research and artistic team of the exhibition

    Professional / research profiles



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