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About library

The library of the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of Serbia has existed since the inception of the Institute in 1954. It is a specialized scientific library within the Centre for Informatics, Journalism, and Education of the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of Serbia. The library provides support for scientific research and professional work. It systematically and professionally collects, processes, preserves, stores, and loans library materials and information necessary for the development and improvement of the Institute’s scientific research.

In 2012, by joining the COBISS system (Cooperative Online Bibliographic System and Services), the library started the process of electronic book processing.

The Library’s collection is not numerous in quantity, but it is planned, selected, and adjusted to the needs of scientists and researchers. The collection consists of about 4,000 library units of monographic publications and 51 periodicals of representative material in the field of architecture, urbanism, spatial planning, art history, ecology, and environmental protection.

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