Project title:ESTIA –SPOSE: European Space – Territorial Indicators and Actions for a Spatial Planning Observatory Platform in South-Eastern Europe, No. 3B036, 10/2003 – 03/2006

Project coordinator: prof. Panagiotis Getimis

Leading partner: Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources – Panteion University, Athens, GR

Partners: BBR – Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, Bonn, DE
Region Abruzzo, L’Aquila, IT
Region Emiglia – Romagna, Bologna, IT
OIR – Oesterreichisches Institut fuer Raumplannung, Vienna, AT
Urban and Spatial Planning Design Studio, Tirana AL
Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment, Sarajevo, BA

Institute of Geography, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, BG
Institute of Architecture and Regional and Urban Planning of Serbia, Belgrade, SER
Lychnidos – Centre for Sustainable Values, Ohrid, MK
Centre for Regional Studies – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Pecs, HU
National Institute for Research and Development in Urban and Spatial planning, Bucharest, RO

University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Ljubljana, SL

Project description and the main concept: The project ESTIA-SPOSE deals with the establishment of a network between spatial planning institutions through supporting new ideas, visions and mechanisms thus contributing to the overall spatial development of the CADSES macro-region and promoting the integration of Southeast Europe within the context of a polycentric Europe. Objectives are: to enhance the ability of SE European countries to collaborate on spatial development and planning issues at trans-national level, to elaborate and analyse spatial data, comparable to the parallel effort of the EU member states under the ESPON program, and to establish a network of institutions that operate on a common spatial planning observatory platform.